Nokia takes Equinix under its Wing

  • September 30, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Nokia has selected California-based data centre provider Equinix as a supplier for its Worldwide IoT Network Grid (Wing) managed service.

The collaboration aims to bring the latest edge architectures and services to market. Wing allows operators without an IoT footprint to gain fast entry to the IoT market or to help operators expand an existing IoT business.

Nokia is leveraging Equinix IBX data centres to deploy both core and edge nodes to support mobile, IoT and cloud connectivity at global scale. With Platform Equinix, Wing can support markets across the globe in areas such as IoT data traffic and device density, as well as local regulatory environments such as GDPR.

Nokia is leveraging Equinix’s global data centre footprint to enable the efficient collection from and distribution across multiple networks and clouds. Additionally, Nokia and Equinix are exploring edge architectures and deployment models that can improve the performance of use cases relating to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT.

The globally anticipated proliferation of data will increase demand for localised data collection and analysis across cities and countries. Faster, lower latency infrastructures such as that brought to market by Equinix and Nokia provide the required gigabit speed and the ability to connect and collect data from billions of IoT devices.

With this, Nokia is helping mobile network operators extract insights to evolve their business performance. Nokia is working with Equinix to roll out Wing deployments quickly and efficiently for its customers across regions.

“Nokia needed access to multiple markets and ecosystems to connect to NSPs and enterprises who want a play in the IoT space,” said Jim Poole, vice president at Equinix. “By directly connecting to Nokia Wing, mobile network operators can capture business value across IoT, AI and security, with a connectivity strategy to support business transformation.”

Wing enables operators to provide one worldwide IoT network grid across borders and technologies. It provides worldwide infrastructure-as-a-service for low-latency and global reach to accelerate the deployment of the IoT. It is a one-stop-shop for IoT managed services that includes a pre-integrated global IoT core network and connectivity management, as well as dedicated IoT operations, billing, security and data analytics, along with an application ecosystem.

“Nokia Wing offers a superior IoT service experience for operators through global network presence, unified orchestration and consistent service level agreements,” said Ankur Bhan, head of Wing at Nokia. “This deal will support our efforts to manage IoT-related data analysis on a global basis.”

Equinix is a data centre provider that delivers its service around the globe and can access to all the major clouds, NSPs (network service providers) and ecosystem players across more than 55 major metros worldwide.

Platform Equinix provides access to nearly 10,000 businesses around the world in vertical ecosystems, including more than 1800 networks, 2900 cloud and IT service providers, and 3000 enterprises. This supports Wing’s focus on providing access to nine vertical markets – connected cars, healthcare, logistics and transport, smart cities, utilities, connected agriculture, connected retail, smart home and building, and connected industry.

Today, Equinix operates more than 210 IBX data centres, providing more ways to connect with other businesses around the world.