LG develops “world’s smallest” Bluetooth module

  • July 15, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
An LG Innotek official is showing a “Bluetooth low energy module for IoT.” Using this module, IoT manufacturers can freely design products in various shapes and size, and its outstanding com-munication performance enables smooth data transmission even with multiple obstacles. (PRNewsfoto/LG Innotek)

South Korean firm LG Innotek says it has developed the world’s smallest Bluetooth module. This should let it advance further into the IoT communication module market.
The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module for IoT can enable data communications for IoT devices such as glucose measuring patches, smart lighting, outlets, switches, wireless earphones and hearing aids. Thanks to its low power consumption, the module is mainly for IoT devices that require a limited power supply, such as small wearable devices.
By linking various IoT devices to the smartphone, users can track blood glucose levels, remotely control lighting, outlets and switches, and operate wireless earphones or hearing aids at a short distance.
With differentiated RF signal design and antenna technology, and precision circuit technology, component space is reduced while the data transmission distance is increased.
The module is 6mm wide and 4mm high, and houses more than 20 components including ICs, resistors and inductors.
The BLE module also enables device control and real-time data inquiry even if there is an obstacle between the user’s smartphone and the IoT device. For example, when there is a single obstacle, such as a wall, between the user’s smartphone and the IoT device, other modules may lose communications, but this can transmit data smoothly even if there are multiple obstacles.
To make this happen, LG applied its proprietary integrated antenna technology. This means an antenna that used to be installed separately outside the module is mounted inside the module. The antenna was designed to cover the entire module, increasing the antenna area and improving communication performance.
LG Innotek plans to accelerate its foray into the global IoT communication module market on the back of the development of the BLE module. To this end, it is planning promotional activities in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Taiwan for manufacturers of lighting, healthcare, smart home and audio products.
LG Innotek is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and its sales subsidiaries are in Taipei, Shanghai, Tokyo, San Jose, Detroit and Chicago.