IMC calculator tests readiness for IoT technology

  • April 27, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

An online calculator that determines users’ readiness to deploy IoT technology and compares their results to others in the field is being released in its second version by the IoT M2M Council (IMC), the world’s largest association of qualified IoT technology users.

The group’s IoT Readiness Calculator provides a comprehensive technology assessment, gathering up 25 different data points across an array of technical dynamics. The data it generates are unique in their granularity, however, and companies sponsoring the calculator programme benefit by claiming users that complete the survey as highly qualified leads.

“Our IoT calculator is improved and even more timely now than when it was first introduced,” said Romil Bahl, the IMC’s chairman and president and CEO of KORE, “The IoT sector still lacks scale, and we believe that the IoT Readiness Calculator can help address the need to improve the maturity of IoT adoption. We’ve expanded it to include questions about in-house versus third-party development, different stages of technology deployment, and IoT integration with backbone systems. The calculator is in keeping with the IMC’s mission as an industry accelerator by helping IoT adopters find answers.”

The IoT Readiness Calculator (IoTRC) is a software widget surveying tool that polls users who opt-in, then compares their scores to others in the same vertical market, the same country or with the same job title, as well as their scores for business and technical requirements. Users receive an immediate email with their scorecard, as do companies that sponsor the IoTRC.

Despite its length and technical focus, a surprising 60% of those that started the survey with IoTRC v1.0 actually completed it. IoTRC v2.0 is expected to achieve similar results on a much larger scale.

“We’ll have more IMC board companies participating in the calculator programme than ever before,” said Bahl. “Obviously, the leads that sponsoring companies generate are theirs exclusively, but the aggregate data the IoTRC will generate with this new, broader deployment have yet to be seen in the IoT industry. Answers to questions about requirements for latency, lifecycle management and the size of deployments are things the IMC is uniquely positioned to answer. We’ll be very excited to see the results.”