Fibocom customises PCB assemblies

  • December 20, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson
  • Fibocom

Fibocom is propelling the digitalisation of smart industry terminals with customised printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).

The PCBA is the core of electronic devices, combining industry know-how and the assembly of electronic components, which is a pivotal process for device manufacturers in the early stage of product design.

By offering the customised PCBAs for smart terminal devices such as PoS (point-of-sale), PoC (push-to-talk over cellular), wearable cameras and more, Fibocom says it can simplify the manufacturing process, improve efficiency and reduce the time-to-market for industrial users.

This marks the fulfilment of its PCBA capability for industry in the fields of smart payment, industrial handheld, connected AI camera, commercial display, intelligent service robotics and AI edge servers. Encompassing hardware design, MD and ID evaluation, algorithm migration and integration, certification, and software application support, the PCBA offering can expedite the commercialisation of users’ smart devices.

“Driven by the surge in digital transformation across industries, the demand for higher product quality, efficiency, time-to-market, cost-effectiveness and software-hardware services is burgeoning,” said Ralph Zhao, vice president at Fibocom. “Leveraging Fibocom’s rich experience in the vertical markets and industry know-how accumulated for more than 24 years, the PCBAs are positioned to accelerate digitalisation across industries with tailored, high-performance integration. We are confident in assisting our customers to win the market sectors in smart retail, PoC and wearable cameras through comprehensive innovations.”

Smart payment terminals are evolving into highly integrated devices that adopt various exterior layouts and support rich payment methods such as contactless, QR codes and card payment. Fibocom provides a tailor-made PCBA that enables reliable wireless connectivity for PoS terminals and supports 720/1080P HD touchscreens with a powerful CPU integrated. In addition to the support of the Android operating system, it lets retailers upgrade the software through the entire product life cycle and develop the industry applications continuously.

Fibocom also offers a PCBA to reduce the complexity for PoC manufacturers at the early stage of product design. Integrating the cellular capability, multimedia functions, communication protocols, operating systems and GNSS into the PCBA at a compact size, expedites the timeline of IoT projects, reduces development complexities, and achieves faster time to market.

The popularity of wearable devices has raised the standard of connectivity and audio-video streaming capabilities. Fibocom’s PCBA supports global 4G and 5G cellular roaming, along with Bluetooth, wifi and NFC for short-distance communications. Additionally, the graphic engine supports the recording and playback of 4K/1080P video, multi-camera input and output, infra-red night vision, and H.264 and H.265 decoding.

Leveraging the reliability and scalability of wearable devices, the PCBA also provides flexible selections on data storage and peripheral interfaces. It can be widely deployed in inspection patrol, transportation and live broadcasting.

Fibocom ( provides wireless communication modules and was the first wireless communication module provider listed on China A-shares stock market. The company offers a one-stop shop for industrial users by integrating wireless communication modules and IoT options.