Essence gives IoT users peace of mind

  • May 5, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Israeli IoT and AI cloud services provider Essence Group says peace of mind will be its top objective for all future IoT products and services.

The R&D-focused designer and manufacturer of safety, care and wellness products and services has announced an updated corporate strategy with a commitment that all future company developments will prioritise creating peace of mind for customers and end users of its technology.

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, it faces significant challenges, including fear and uncertainty, societal unrest and an aging population, compounded by the rising cost and uneven access to healthcare, and an increase of individuals suffering from chronic and mental health issues.

Essence Group’s decades-long commitment to safety, health and wellbeing through innovation and creative thinking is no longer enough. Recognising this, the company is prioritising providing peace of mind at an affordable price, ensuring that beneficiaries of its technology not only feel protected, healthy and safe, but can rest assured that all its offerings are designed to provide improved quality of life with value for money.

“My passion has always been to harness the power of technology to help people live better lives,” said Haim Amir, CEO of Essence Group. “With this new strategy, we are committed to extending that power in order to help users feel better while simultaneously benefitting our strategic partners. The time is ripe for this new focus and I am excited to lead my team towards this purpose.”

As part of the strategy, Essence Group is forming lines of business that extend beyond the existing security and care lines, to encompass healthcare and wellness offerings.

“We are developing integrated, affordable and accessible technologies and services that will help people live better, safer, happier and longer lives,” said Essence Group COO Hagai Enoch. “To enable this strategy, we have significantly increased investment in R&D to include new cloud-based AI and machine-learning services, multi-dimensional product lines, and ground-breaking deep technology. These investments are bringing together, for the first time, the domains of safety, care and wellness, into a unified, connected and secure environment, one that can be augmented, extended and adapted as needs change over time to provide a superb customer experience.”

Over the coming months, Essence plans to release a range of products and services that relate directly to this vision, all mapping into the peace of mind concept.

“The Covid pandemic highlighted the importance of combining quality of life with the fundamental human needs of health and security,” said Sharon Klainer Weizenbluth, chief strategy officer at Essence Group. “Our cutting-edge technology allows us to meet these physical and emotional requirements with end-to-end solutions that enable a better quality of life and, ultimately, provide peace of mind.”

Essence Group develops and deploys cloud-based, end-to-end security and healthcare products, underpinned by supporting services. For over a quarter of a century, Essence has aimed to make care and safety accessible and affordable. It has more than 70 million connected devices deployed worldwide.