Delta unveils smart community hub at Computex

  • May 31, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

At this week’s Computex in Taipei, Delta unveiled a smart community hub as part of its IoT-based smart green portfolio.

The intelligent sustainable connecting hub includes an intelligent operation centre with a multi-functional management platform for companies to manage critical operations, including carbon emissions inventory and renewable power matching.

Moreover, the Vortex cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), smart microgrid-supported EV charging infrastructure, and an energy-efficient data centre demonstrate how Delta’s products integrate seamlessly to ensure the sustainable development of a myriad of sectors.

“In 2022, Delta became the first company in the technology hardware and equipment industry in Asia to have passed the SBTi’s net-zero science-based target review, in which our goal is to reduce scope one and scope two carbon emissions by 90% by 2030 compared with a base year of 2021,” said Ping Cheng, Delta’s CEO. “We have achieved our annual target of a 13.5% reduction last year. Meanwhile, 63% of the electricity consumed by our worldwide operations comes from renewable electricity in line with Delta’s RE100 goal by 2030. Our solutions have evolved beyond smart buildings to smart community management, which, combined with our expertise in energy conservation, allows Delta to build digitalised intelligent, low-carbon, healthy and safe industrial communities.”

Shan Shan Guo, Delta’s chief brand officer, added: “We are deeply pleased that world-class exhibitions such as Computex are back in full force. In our smart community hub, Delta’s latest platforms, which include the operation centre, smart community management system and the cloud-based video surveillance system, enable significant benefits for various venues and applications, including offices, financial services and energy management. We also hope to collaborate further with our partners on key ESG goals that foster a sustainable future.”

And Roland Chiang, deputy head of Delta’s building automation business group, said: “By leveraging Delta’s expertise in energy management, carbon footprint management, smart building control, security surveillance, intelligent transportation and IoT communication technology, Delta’s platform offers integrated analysis and scheduling of community systems, enhancing operational efficiency and service levels. We have a strong track record of successful cases for the implementation of these, and also develop other diverse applications to improve cities and the environment even further.”

At Computex, Delta is providing diverse building automation services, including cloud-based monitoring, smart conference room environmental control and a multi-functional community management platform, covering renewable energy integration and carbon inventory. These services assist in zero-carbon management and optimisation of green energy use. In terms of infrastructure, Delta’s one-stop data centre addresses the data volume and computational needs of an industrial hub. Furthermore, Delta focuses on the concept of power generation, storage, conservation and usage to offer electric vehicle charging infrastructure that aligns with the microgrid concept. It is also showing powertrains for e-mobility, shaping smart, low carbon mobility for sustainable lifestyles.