Blues Wireless starts global partner programme

  • September 21, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Massachusetts IoT company Blues Wireless has launched a global partnership programme.

This aims to give organisations access to discounted Blues Wireless products, developer expertise and support resources to deliver IoT at ten times lower cost and time. The programme enables integrators and product design consultancies to deliver scalable global IoT services quickly and easily.

“Most IoT projects fail to scale due to complexity, costs and lack of expertise,” said Mobeen Khan, COO at Blues Wireless. “With Blues edge-to-cloud infrastructure, developers use very simple API to get sensor and controller data to any cloud application. We offer these at the lowest cost in the industry with an innovative business model with included global cellular for ten years and pay-as-you-grow data consumption. We are inviting integration companies and product design consultancies to join our global partner programme to deliver sustainable, scalable IoT.”

Benefits of the partner programme include:

  • Expert help at every step: Through in-house IoT experts, specialised in all aspects of IoT delivery, Blues can offer partners access to industry leaders at every stage of development and delivery.
  • Custom delivery: Partners can integrate any MCU in their customers’ edge devices to any cloud application.
  • Enterprise-level engineering: Blues is a hyperscale infrastructure provider offering secure, global connectivity for high-scale deployments. Users can scale their customer product or service from the first to the millionth connected product and beyond.
  • Improved project RoI: With consumption-based pricing and out-of-the-box cellular connectivity, partners can anticipate a ten times accelerated project timelines and reduced delivery cost for customers.

Pulsar Labs, a technology company providing turnkey development of IoT and GNSS products, was among the first providers to partner with Blues Wireless.

“Blues Wireless has a very attractive technology offering for our enterprise IoT clients,” said Dan Wang, owner of Pulsar Labs. “Their Notecard product is flexible and easy to integrate, extremely low power, and includes cellular data for ten years. Working with Blues Wireless, our team has designed and shipped many IoT products that weren’t possible before, such as a GPS tracker with ten years of battery life and an AI-powered IoT node with camera and sensors.”

Another Blues partner is TheoremOne. It has been delivering IoT and connected products for over a decade, and is finding it can accelerate end-product delivery through the specialised, yet collaborative nature of the partnership.

“With Blues, we are able to focus on the data and the engagement layer,” said Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO of TheoremOne. “All of the infrastructure required to get data from a remote edge device to the application layer is handled through Blues Notecard and Notehub. This allows us to deliver faster and at a scale not possible before.”

Blues Wireless has steadily gained developer and commercial traction since its launch in early 2021, with a greater than five times growth in customer deployments this year. Many of these customers need support building sensor integration at the edge and integrating data into their enterprise applications. This often requires partners that are experts in different verticals, such as healthcare and manufacturing, or experts in use cases such as supply chain tracking or environmental monitoring to help them launch commercially.