Aeris and Tartabit deliver hyperscale connectivity

  • February 28, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson
  • Aeris
Fred Yentz, CEO of Tartabit.

Tartabit’s IoT Bridge and Aeris’ IoT services platform have been combined to expand the availability of secure power efficient connections to hyperscale cloud services.

Tartabit specialises in hyperscale cloud connect technologies and services, and Aeris is an IoT software platform and provider. They have announced a collaboration to deliver hyperscale connectivity to their shared customers, providing the opportunity to lower operational costs and realise other benefits.

IoT Bridge changes the connectivity landscape by seamlessly relocating the hyperscale SDK from devices to the network’s edge. This move empowers devices to leverage 3GPP encryption through a private APN, ensuring every MQTT, CoAP or raw UDP protocol session is converted to a secure and efficient hyperscale native format at the edge. This transformation enables the transmission of data over the public internet to hyperscale services, resulting in a reduction of cellular data usage by up to 95% and a significant decrease in battery consumption by up to 50%.

IoT Bridge streamlines IoT-to-cloud integration, featuring zero-touch provisioning and robust security measures to lower operational costs. As a partner with AWS, Azure and GCP, and advocate of open-source methods, Tartabit says its IoT Bridge caters to the diverse needs of enterprises, enhancing value for IoT users. Combined with the secure connectivity management platform and global mobile network operator partnership network of Aeris, the joint effort unlocks opportunities for both companies’ customers.

“Tartabit’s goal has been to reduce the friction for enterprise customers to consume broadly deployed IoT sensors and technology,” said Fred Yentz, CEO of Tartabit ( “As such, we are very excited to announce our cooperation with Aeris which brings IoT Bridge services to the broad set of Aeris enterprise customers as well as platform-enabled communication service providers. Our Aeris cooperation is a giant step towards meeting our goal of being the most available and easiest to use IoT to hyperscale cloud gateway service.”

Davide Pacchini, vice president at Aeris (, added: “Our partnership with Tartabit enables us to jointly offer seamless hyperscale integration services for customers utilising our Aeris IoT platform services including secure connectivity offerings. Tartabit’s IoT Bridge provides seamless integration with Aeris and provides both zero-touch and low-code integration services to developers who desire next-generation IoT cloud connect services.”