Range Rover adopts ZKW smart digital lighting

  • April 26, 2022
  • William Payne

Range Rover has adopted smart digital lighting from German lighting specialist ZKW for its latest model. The “Digital Light Processing” LED headlights produce stepless, glare-free high beams that automatically block out oncoming or other road users.

With ZKW’s “Digital Light Processing” (DLP) technology, the new Range Rover brings intelligent lighting functions to the road for the first time – in the form of dynamic projections. This is made possible by LED modules with 1.2 million pixels whose light is directed via microscopically tiny, electronically controlled mirrors. The headlights are controlled via a front camera to enhance road safety.

The smart, digital front lighting enables animated images to be projected onto the road. In addition to the “Digital Light Processing” modules, stripeZ light modules are also offered, which have the same performance as conventional LED headlights but are significantly smaller.

“The digital headlights on the new Range Rover reflect our current developments and technologies. Intelligent lighting systems increase comfort, enhance road safety and mark the way towards autonomous driving,” said Oliver Schubert, CEO of the ZKW Group.

The DLP lighting system for the new Range Rover is developed and manufactured by ZKW in Austria. A three component injection moulding technology is used, which allows the implementation of a novel daytime running light concept. ZKW also equips Jaguar Land Rover models with fog lights as well as the new Land Rover Defender with main headlights and the Land Rover Discovery Sport with rear lights.