project44 boosts road tracking ETA capabilities

  • March 5, 2020
  • imc

Shipping software vendor project44 has updated its shipping visibility platform with machine learning models to provide enhanced ETA predictions for shipped goods, shipment milestone updates, and round trip tracking capabilities.

project44’s enhancements reflect a growing need for more proactive tracking to include a more comprehensive picture of in-transit shipments. 

The Truckload ETA uses historical shipment data from 2.7 million shipments as well as integration with over 760 ELD/telematics providers across the US and Europe. Using machine learning models, this builds on standard arrival time metrics by including historical carrier data, local weather and road regulations, driver hours of service, and dock hours. 

Updates to truckload tracking capabilities provide more actionable insights, improved accuracy of origin arrival timestamps, and updated timeline visualisations giving a more detailed view of a shipment’s journey. This data is available in project44’s Visibility Operations Centre, which provides streamlined collaboration and end-to-end visibility for key supply chain stakeholders.

project44 claims the addition of round-trip tracking as a first in the market. The feature enables customers to monitor shipments more easily where multiple stops occur. This reduces tracking interruptions that have affected visibility providers and prevented workflow automation. 

“It’s important that we continually evolve our current product offerings,” said Raji Bedi, SVP Product Management at project44. “By layering our wealth of historical tracking data into our truckload ETA calculation and enhancing our tracking capabilities, we’re giving our customers a deeper and more complete view of their supply chains and equipping them to win in the Delivery Economy.”