Platform Science partners E-SMART on fleet safety

  • September 1, 2021
  • William Payne

Platform Science, an enterprise fleet management platform, is partnering E-SMART, a developer of fleet software to improve vehicle safety. The E-SMART application will be added to Platform Science’s marketplace, providing users with intelligent speed adaptation, low bridge collision prevention, and remote vehicle immobilisation.

The E-SMART app uses GPS technology to determine vehicle location. The app actively manages maximum allowed speed, provides real-time safety alerts and identifies known hazard areas such as low clearance bridges.

When a driver approaches an area of concern, they receive notification to their in-cab mobile device and the vehicle will be limited to idle. Leading fleets that have integrated the E-SMART technology have reported a significant decrease in speed-related infringements and accidents and an extensive savings among toll-related fines.

“Platform Science is hyperfocused on driver satisfaction and driver safety,” said Joe Jumayao, VP of Business Development at Platform Science. “In 2020 alone, 4.8M roadway users were critically injured in collisions. This is why partnering with E-SMART to bring our customers the latest technology to keep their drivers and others on the road safe is of the utmost importance to us and why we are excited to add E-SMART to our marketplace.”

“E-SMART is gaining tremendous momentum in our mission to improve road safety. We are showing the industry that Intelligent Speed Adaptation, an active technology, is the solution for speed-related incidents with proven reduction results of over 90%,” said Mathieu Boivin, CEO at E-SMART.