Nexxiot partners 3C to make railways safer

  • April 2, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Railways in North America are being made safer through the digital monitoring of wheelsets and bearings enabled by a partnership between Swiss firm Nexxiot and Colorado-based 3C Telemetry.

The aim is to transform rail safety by preventing derailments and enhancing efficiency.

Nexxiot is known for its telematics. It will enable seamless connectivity of 3C Telemetry’s sensors to its analytics platform, offering insights into maintenance data patterns. This collaboration facilitates predictive and preventive maintenance strategies, enhancing rolling stock protection in North America.

3C Telemetry specialises in wheelset and bearing sensors for the rail industry. These will be integrated into Nexxiot’s open digital ecosystem. This partnership aims to mitigate risks and ensure the safety and availability of railcars and other mobile assets. By harnessing Nexxiot’s hardware, software and AI-driven analytics, this alliance aims to digitalise the transport and logistics industry, with a particular focus on the North American rail sector.

“We are excited to bring our experience in monitoring locomotives and railcars with sensitive cargo for over a decade to a broader market,” said Ryan Minnig, a partner at 3C Telemetry. “The partnership with Nexxiot allows a larger customer base to take advantage of the trusted positioning and sensing capabilities of the Nexxiot Globehopper, augmented by the advanced bearing, wheel and specialty sensing of the 3C Telemetry line of sensors. With a focus on safety and early problem detection, Nexxiot and 3C Telemetry will enhance the rail industry’s efforts to provide safe and affordable rail transportation to a global audience.”

The collaboration between Nexxiot and New York Air Brake has already paved the way for the digital freight train of the future. Extending this approach through the partnership with 3C Telemetry addresses critical components in rolling stock, such as wheelsets and bearings. This initiative is not only poised to optimise costs and reduce downtimes but also play a role in safeguarding brand reputation by reducing the occurrence of highly visible derailments.

“In the face of long-standing industry challenges, the collaboration between Nexxiot and 3C Telemetry is a beacon of innovation and operational insight,” said Kenneth Mannka, executive vice president at Nexxiot. “Our combined strength lies in our deep technological foundation and our intimate understanding of the industry’s operational demands. We jointly deliver unparalleled value by addressing challenges that have persisted for years, which only partners like us, with a strong technology background at scale and an operations-focused perspective, can solve. This partnership is set to redefine standards and expectations within the industry, marking a new era of efficiency and safety in rail transportation.”

With over a million devices already deployed on mobile supply chain assets, including railcars and shipping containers, Nexxiot says it is transforming the rail industry alongside RailPulse and other stakeholders through the adoption of GPS and digital technologies.

With over 40 years of combined experience, 3C Telemetry ( has been providing monitoring for the locomotive, railcar and maintenance of way industries. Its headquarters are in Centennial, Colorado.  

Nexxiot ( is digitalising freight asset management with technology that oversees a network of connected intermodal containers and railcars. Clients gain access to real-time data, which streamlines fleet management and automates logistics processes. The Nexxiot devices can withstand extreme conditions and provide long-term, detailed insights into events affecting railcars, including impacts, delays, safety and security incidents, and loading activities.