Nextbase Smart Dash Cam powered by AI

  • February 1, 2022
  • William Payne

Dash cam tech specialist Nextbase has launched a smart connected dash cam which incorporates machine learning and provides real-time access at any time through the iQ app.

According to Nextbase, its iQ dash cam provides the same level of safety and security that consumers expect from leading smart home-monitoring systems, but in the car. Drivers will be able to receive real-time alerts and access incident video even when they are away from their vehicle.

Integrated into Nextbase iQ is a 4K, three-camera video technology, able to record outside and inside the vehicle with real-time global access and alerts. The Nextbase iQ has a new product design which aims to capture the best image quality and vehicle security views in the industry.

In response to increasing on-road incidents (e.g., road rage, traffic stops) and driver anxiety, Nextbase iQ offers Witness Mode, a voice-activated, instant-on recording feature that automatically saves to the cloud and shares with an emergency contact or other designated third party (e.g., spouse, parent) in real-time, ensuring you never face a stressful situation on the road alone.

“There is nothing on the market that rises to the level of Nextbase iQ,” said Richard Browning, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Nextbase. “Over two years and from the ground up, we have re-imagined what a dash cam can be and created the world’s first true Smart Dash Cam, utilising AI-technology and Cloud-connectivity to give drivers a complete sense of safety and security. Never before has there been a smart connected-car product that offers so much benefit in one package. We have bettered our already best-in-class dash cam functionality and added never-before-seen technology to support drivers, whether they are on the road or away from their vehicle.”

“The Nextbase iQ doesn’t simply elevate dash cam functionality, it establishes a whole new category of smart, connected technology for the car,” said Browning. “We are now enabling every vehicle on the road to be equipped with safety, security and assistance above what’s available in today’s newest cars. The powerful Ambarella AI-capable chipset we’re using in the Nextbase iQ enables us to continuously roll out further cutting-edge driver technology upgrades via the Cloud, giving access to the very latest driver safety and security features for years to come.”