Mitsubishi MEMS LiDAR increases accuracy

  • March 19, 2020
  • imc

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a compact LiDAR system that can accurately detect shapes and distances of objects ahead. The new system incorporates MEMS technology that provides an extra-wide horizontal scanning angle. The new system is designed for incorporation into autonomous driving systems. 

The new LiDAR system irradiates objects by laser and uses a dual-axis (horizontal and vertical) MEMS mirror to scan for the reflected light, generating three-dimensional images of vehicles and pedestrians. 

Mitsubishi Electric expects this system, which it describes as compact and low-cost, to contribute to safer, more secure autonomous driving.

Mitsubishi Electric’s new development incorporates the industry’s largest electromagnetic MEMS mirror, measuring 7mm by 5mm, in a lightweight design which is able to scan horizontally and vertically. 

Despite its size, the structure of the MEMS mirror facilitates a reduction in weight without sacrificing rigidity. The lightweight design and high electromagnetically generated driving force allows the mirror to achieve large horizontal movement of ±15 degrees. Vertical movement is currently ±3.4 degrees, and Mitsubishi Electric aims to increase this to ±6.0 degrees or more by improving the beam structure of the MEMS.