MINIEYE full-area auto sensing

  • April 27, 2021
  • William Payne

Guangdong based automotive vision developer MINIEYE has launched a full-area sensing solution for passenger cars.

MINIEYE provides ADAS technology for  automotive OEMs at different levels of autonomous driving functions from L1~L2+. From single camera to achieve AEB and ACC, to multi-sensor fusion to achieve HWP and TJP.

The company is currently involved in an ADAS programme funded by the Government of Singapore.

Out-of-cabin sensing is the ADAS solution from L0 to L2+. In-cabin sensing includes a number of functions such as DMS, OMS, and in-cabin interaction and object monitoring.

For in-cabin sensing, MINIEYE provides DMS and OMS products. In addition to conventional monitoring functions, MINIEYE has added  in-cabin interaction functions. By monitoring the driver’s gaze direction, it can not only determine whether the driver is tired, but also interact with other systems in the cabin, for example, by staring at the centre screen for a few seconds to control its lighting up or reducing the brightness of the screen.

MINIEYE technology is deployed in mass-produced automotive OEM  commercial vehicles such as Dongfeng, Liuzhou Automobile, Heavy Truck, and Shaanxi Automobile. In the first quarter 2021, shipment volume reached nearly 100,000 units. The company has also been selected by a new energy company for its L2+ project, and other customers include BYD, JAC, etc. It has won a total of 15 factory-installed projects.