Lytx App to improve driver performance

  • October 27, 2021
  • William Payne

California based AI telematics specialist Lytx has launched a set of tools to help drivers improve performance, safety and compliance. The tools allow commercial and fleet drivers to use their Android or iOS devices to track and improve their on-road performance with minimal fleet manager input.

The app records video, and provides a scrolling feed of video clips provide an objective overview of past trips. It also provides self-coaching, with video-playback capabilities. It provides performance metrics over a 90-day period, and allows drivers to compare their performance to others. Managers can use the data to set up recognition programmes for safety performance. The app also provides alerts to slowing traffic, crashes, bad weather, pedestrian crossings, children playing, wildlife crossings and other potential dangers. Lytx says that its database has analysed more than 50 million accident reports representing 10 years of crashes across the US to highlight potential hazards. Route Risk is currently available on iOS only.

With the app, drivers can record ELD HOS status and complete vehicle inspections from their tablets or smartphones. The dashboard and driving log lets drivers see when they are on or off duty – and when they are due for a break. It also provides drivers with their individualised QR code along with instructions on how to scan it, removing the need to carry and manually scan a physical badge.

“With the current global economic situation, drivers are busier and more stressed than ever before,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx chief technology officer. “These driver centric tools are an investment to reduce the burden of their day-to-day job, helping them stay positive and motivated as they go about performing a critical service that we all rely on.”

“When drivers have access to tools that empower them to excel at their jobs, that can translate to better engagement, more job satisfaction, lower turnover and safer driving,” said Kristin Costas, director of product management at Lytx. “This, in turn, allows managers to focus more on running their operations rather than monitoring individual drivers or technicians in the field.”