Foretellix builds new ADAS/AV development platform

  • March 28, 2022
  • William Payne

Foretellix has developed an end-to-end ADAS and autonomous vehicle platform for development and testing built on NVIDIA’s simulation tools combined with Foretellix’s validation platform.

According to Foretellix, the conventional approach to automotive testing, involving real-world driving of pre-production test vehicles, does not scale. With the increasing complexity of ADAS and AV systems, it is practically impossible according to the company to encounter the rare and dangerous scenarios needed for comprehensive autonomous vehicle validation & verification. Foretellix says that this is the scenario that their new development and testing platform is designed for. The new platform combines NVIDIA’s DRIVE Sim, a virtual simulator, and Foretellix’s Foretify verification and validation platform, and is designed to expose expose bugs, edge cases, and unknowns more efficiently and faster. 

The combined solution is based on Foretify’s ability to generate and orchestrate a massive number of meaningful tests. The tests are then propelled into DRIVE Sim, where a physically realistic simulation of the test is conducted and challenges the instructions that the ADAS/AV stack provides to meet the situation in the tests. Foretify orchestrates the tests and is able to dynamically control them to ensure that the test is conducted as planned. The results of the tests, including KPIs, are sent back to Foretify for analysis and optimisation, allowing development teams to run these tests regressions again until a safe, successful result is achieved.

“Foretify is an industry leading tool for validation and verification. NVIDIA DRIVE Sim is a scalable, physically based platform for AV simulation. By combining the two, developers can have access to the most advanced toolchain to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles”, said Zvi Greenstein, General Manager at NVIDIA.