All-in-one ADAS targets heavy lorries

  • August 2, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Taiwanese firm OtoBrite has developed an all-in-one ADAS to enhance the safety of heavy commercial vehicles.

Such vehicles have more blind areas than other types due to the higher driver seat, so accidents could easily happen while moving off or making turns. There are also many driving scenarios that may lead to fatal crashes, such as distracted driving, improper following and erratic lane changing.

According to the IIHS 2023 research report, 4714 people died in large lorry crashes in 2021, a 17 per cent increase over 2020. Therefore, enhancing the safety of heavy commercial vehicles is urgent.

The OtoGuard is ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) for such vehicles. With a Texas Instruments TDA4 automotive processor, it can enable more than ten ADAS features and comply with multiple UN regulations.

With deep learning core technology as an automotive tier-one supplier, OtoBrite launched the first automatic parking system with only surround-view cameras using vision-AI technology and a TDA2 processor in 2017 and shipped over 200,000 systems in China.

In Japan, it has licensed vision-AI deep learning models for over 300,000 adas products.

OtoGuard uses a centralised architecture with one domain controller using the TDA4 processor and eight cameras to achieve multiple ADAS features and reduce installation space, costs and the complexity of supply chain management.

It includes built-in multi-sensor time-synchronised event-triggered recording functions, which help fleet operators achieve more effective vehicle monitoring and management.

Founded in 2013, OtoBrite is a vision-AI ADAS and autonomous-driving technology provider. Based in Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, it has an IATF 16949-certified clean room factory and several years of experience as an automotive tier-one supplier. OtoBrite provides vision-AI algorithms, ECU and domain controllers, and automotive-grade and special-purpose cameras.