Symbio launches industrial robot programming framework

  • March 3, 2021
  • William Payne

Industrial robotics specialist Symbio has launched an industrial robotics middleware and python programming framework to simplify programming industrial robots. SymbioDCS combines advanced control software with real-time feedback from existing automation sensors.

Symbio currently is working with Nissan Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation in addition to other major companies.

“Symbio is doing for manufacturing what Windows did for DOS. Existing industrial manufacturing robots run proprietary programming languages making them slow and cumbersome. Not only do these robots lack dexterity, they lack the intelligence to make them do what they need to do,” said Max Reynolds, Symbio CEO and co-founder. “Our technology is designed to fundamentally reframe these existing manufacturing pain points by utilising the best practices of AI and human robot interaction. That’s what we believe will drive success.”

The company is focused on addressing issues particularly within automotive manufacturing, which is the largest adopter of robots globally. 

Symbio has designed a robotic programming framework designed to support programmers  already working in these environments.

“Developers are humans too, so the human-machine collaboration paradigm should apply to them as well!” said Anca Dragan, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS), at UC Berkeley. “Instead of exclusively providing automation solutions, Symbio is also designing the tools that enable the developers and domain experts working in manufacturing to create their own automation solutions and easily adapt them to new tasks. To do this, they are building products that leverage AI strengths and human insight in a symbiotic way.”

Symbio’s focus is on providing generalised solutions that enable companies to adopt AI as a core competency. According to Symbio, this means that AI solutions will look very different because it’s not just about creating the automation, it’s about creating and providing the tools that empower teams to design their own solutions through the use of AI, and easily adapt to the task at hand.

“We’ve seen cars become much more complex and customised in the decades since the onset of industrial automation. Today’s automakers need more nimble and nuanced robotics to perform increasingly sophisticated assemblies,” said Greg Reichow, Partner at Eclipse Ventures and the former head of global manufacturing and automation engineering at Tesla. “Symbio provides the exact solution for forward-thinking manufacturers, through an AI-powered platform that combines advanced compute, sensing and precision-control software.”