Software AG Makes Progress

  • November 14, 2021
  • William Payne

The development of a language and network agnostic thin edge technology for embedded and industrial systems has gained speed with the first online community meeting for American and European developers of the open source initiative taking place in October.

Initiated by Software AG and industrial automation and measurement company ifm, is an effort to extend the benefits of edge computing technology into the sphere of industrial embedded and control systems, which often depend on domain specific technologies and programming systems.

The open source framework offers modules for secure cloud connectivity of IoT devices and IoT platforms, sensors or gateways from different manufacturers, for data mapping from different sources and for device management.

The architecture and functionality of the framework are a joint development by Software AG and ifm. This allows edge devices to be integrated into cloud platforms via plug & play. The modular architecture of is designed to offer developers the maximum amount of freedom. Connections to all cloud platforms are possible, any programming language can be used, and every service and protocol can be integrated.

As an open source system, will initially be continuously expanded to include new functions.