Microsoft adds simulation to Digital Twins

  • July 25, 2022
  • William Payne

Microsoft is integrating 360° simulation into Azure Digital Twins in partnership with Cosmo Tech. Customers will be able to simulate complex problems and solutions based on operational real time data in the Azure Cloud.

The solution will integrate Azure Digital Twins with Cosmo Tech’s 360° Simulation Digital Twin technology. Azure Digital Twins already helps create detailed digital models of physical environments communicating with IoT and Edge devices. It fuses data from disparate devices and business systems, providing insights across different ecosystems.

Cosmo Tech’s Simulation Digital Twins adds greater depth and complexity to collected data. It allows an unlimited number of complex change scenarios to be modelled, based on existing data or potential new conditions. Users can see the cascading effects on the organisation of such scenarios, and predict results. This provides them with the ability to explore future outcomes and downstream effects without impacting operational systems.

Users can employ Simulation Digital Twins to determine the best path forward for each potential scenario. Companies can test unlimited, complex scenarios to understand the causes that lead to a result and anticipate different scenarios. It can be used to increase sustainability and generate robust plans to reach corporate climate goals.

Nexans, a leading actor in global sustainable electrification, has partnered with Cosmo Tech and Microsoft to use their Simulation Digital Twin and Azure technologies, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Nexans’ Simulation Digital Twin includes more than 60,000 separate characteristics and simulates, for example, more than 120,000 different supply and delivery routes. They leveraged the solution to generate a plan that puts them on the path to reducing their CO2 emissions by 50,000 tonnes annually.

“As Nexans is a key player in electrification and energy transition, combining financial profitability and carbon emission is critical to achieve both financial & environmental targets,” said Olivier Chevreau, VP Sustainability of Nexans Group. “With Simulation Digital Twin technology, we are able to mobilise and engage our teams to visualise their combined reality, to simulate environmental & financial impact of operational decisions and to make sure that behind the climate targets, there is a clear and shared action plan tracked internally, and continuously updated.”

“The challenges facing global organisations, like Nexans, striving to reduce carbon emissions are increasingly complex. Market disruptions demand more robustness and agility” said Hugues de Bantel, Co-Founder and CEO at Cosmo Tech. “With Simulation Digital Twins decision makers understand the impact of their decisions, they can test operational strategies before implementing them, and generate the resiliency they need to achieve sustainability in an uncertain future.”

Tony Shakib, Partner General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT said, “Microsoft Azure customers are looking for ways to further benefit from their investments in data, IoT and edge AI. Our collaboration with Cosmo Tech and their 360° Simulation Digital Twin platform provides a mechanism for achieving sustainable outcomes through informed decision making. With Cosmo Tech, Azure Digital Twin customers explore options, make accurate predictions, and generate optimal operational and strategic plans in line with their sustainability objectives.”