Koch and AWS build Industrial Engineering Platform

  • June 28, 2021
  • William Payne

Koch Industries is collaborating with AWS to develop an industrial engineering platform. The new platform will incorporate machine learning and industrial computing capabilities. 

The platform is designed to provide AI and edge digital infrastructure to the connected industrial ecosystem developed and operated by Koch Engineered Solutions (KES) subsidiary OnPoint Digital Solutions.

The collaboration between OnPoint and AWS will build on AWS’s generally available infrastructure services, IoT, analytics and machine learning. The co-developed technology is aimed at helping industrial companies optimise their operations in a variety of industrial verticals from oil and gas to food and beverage, electronics, smart grid, paper manufacturing, steel production and more.

The new platform, called IPOP, will also provide “state of the asset” information to equipment manufacturers to enable them to be proactive in both decisions and customer support. Using first principle physics models combined with machine learning technology, solutions built on the new platform will be designed to provide better insights and recommendations to plant operator customers, to proactively optimise industrial processes and provide predictive maintenance, quality, and yield analyses.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and in the same way that we are teaming up with AWS to co-develop this software platform, we believe the platform will enrich our partnerships with KES customers through the digital application of our world-class capabilities,” said Dave Dotson, President of KES. “This collaboration with AWS seeks to transform the way KES partners with industrial operations, removing barriers and leveraging technology that connects operators directly with subject matter expertise to get more value from their data and make better, more efficient decisions in real-time. We’re working with a sense of greater purpose toward improved connected solutions across industries that will create value for our customers and society.”

“From engineering to manufacturing, Koch brings invaluable knowledge and full life-cycle capabilities in asset design, implementation, operations, and maintenance,” said Sarah Cooper, GM of Outcome Driven Engineering at AWS. “At the heart of our industrial processing customers’ operations are the physics-based first principle models that largely haven’t changed for the past two decades. The IPOP collaboration with KES brings new emerging digital services to help accelerate process innovation and improve resource efficiency and product quality.”