iMatrix launches cloud smart sensors for IIoT

  • February 23, 2022
  • William Payne

With angel funding exceeding $2 million, Nevada-based IoT startup iMatrix Systems has launched an SaaS iMatrix Cloud IoT solution, including a portfolio of wireless sensors.

Initial offerings include cold chain solutions for temperature, humidity, door open/close alerts, leak detection, and hydroponic farming related sensors for industrial IoT. iMatrix cloud can also operate on-premise for customers needing to maintain complete data control.

The company has launched the iMatrix Micro Gateway bridge to enable all wireless sensor configuration, control, monitoring, and analytics managed through the iMatrix proprietary cloud services. The company’s technology leverages cloud services for monitoring and edge management for various markets. iMatrix is designed to support monitoring/management security solutions for agriculture, residential and commercial buildings, the emerging commercial cannabis industry, water and irrigation systems, heating/ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and critical infrastructure.

Target markets for iMatrix products include the temperature logger vertical, medical markets for the blood supply and biospecimen chain, restaurant, and hospitality for food and spirits, the shipping industry (in the temperature-controlled Cold Chain environment), home and health (including RVs, hotels, vacation homes), temperature loggers for business locations, and agriculture (including cannabis) and food supply chain.

“IoT and IIoT devices power our global economy with billions in revenue today and expect to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025,” said Greg Phillips, iMatrix chief executive and founder. “Currently, we’re nearing 30 billion IoT devices in use, with as many as 60 billion or higher by the close of 2025. These devices can do everything from monitoring ambient conditions, creating a home or corporate security system, remotely controlling our cars, and much more. And we believe the iMatrix suite of offerings is an ideal fit for the highest growth markets of this decade.

“We have spent the last two years building a team of amazing engineers building a massively scalable cloud sensor collection and tracking system. The well hierarchically structured and clean User Interface design provides the mobile and Web-based user with concise monitoring, configuration, including a sophisticated multi-layer notification system for alarm conditions.”

“Consider the fact that IoT devices have intimate access to the closest details of our lives and our businesses,” said Phillips. “With access to a leak monitoring, and freezer and refrigeration systems, a hacker can view and record anything the sensors can see. Suppose a hacker intercepts data packets during transmission and creates false flags, either fabricating false locations or sensor readings or preventing real emergencies from being detected. In these cases, they can steal the crucial information your business relies on to keep you safe and ahead of competitors. iMatrix’s secure data collection system keeps our customer’s data secure.”