EOT launches Generative AI for manufacturing

  • April 24, 2023
  • William Payne

Industrial software provider EOT has launched a generative AI tool for manufacturing. The company’s new Twin Talk GPT product is designed to allow manufacturing and energy companies to train and test predictive maintenance models at the industrial edge.

Twin Talk GPT deploys generative AI to edge computing servers. It allows industrial companies to simulate real-time industrial events. It employs operational data to train and test machine learning algorithms to optimise equipment health and performance.

The new product combines transformer models with Twin Talk’s AI Edge Controller. It aims to accelerate customers’ ability to use these models across their value chains. Twin Talk GPT’s Generative AI will accelerate transformation efforts across business functions and industries, including oil & gas, utilities, supply chain, transportation, and manufacturing.

The operational data generation allows training of predictive maintenance machine learning models that perform real-time predictions and anomaly detection at the edge of operation centres, using closed-loop, event-response operational action to instantly avoid expensive downtime and increase production output.

“We are thrilled to introduce Twin Talk GPT to the market,” said Matt Oberdorfer, CEO of EOT. “Our new product is a fundamental game-changer for the industrial sector, enabling companies to leverage the power of generative AI to improve predictive maintenance systems with the help of generative pre-trained transformers.”

“We are excited to offer Twin Talk GPT to industrial companies, as it will enable them to improve their operational efficiency and decision-making through the power of generative AI,” said Oberdorfer.