Emerson future-proofs pneumatic valve systems

  • September 5, 2023
  • William Payne

Emerson has introduced an IO-Link master that combines with the company’s G3 Fieldbus to deliver industrial IoT integration for pneumatic valve systems. The Class A, G3 IO-Link Master is designed for machine architectures requiring reliable digital data communication between multiple pneumatic valve systems and field devices such as sensors and the machine controller.

The IO-Link is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for smart and analogue sensor connectivity on the AVENTICS Series G3 Fieldbus platform. Application areas include automotive, tyre manufacturing, food and beverage, packaging and metalworking.

IO-Link is an internationally standardised I/O technology (IEC 61131-9) for communication at the sensor/actuator level in machine control. During replacement, IO-Link devices can identify and configure themselves automatically, saving maintenance time.

The IO-Link master provides pneumatic valve control through direct digital data communication with the machine controller. It offers event-based and I/O mapped diagnostics – both important predictive maintenance requirements for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

By adding the IO-Link capabilities to valve systems, manufacturers can include multiple IO-Link masters on only one G3 Fieldbus platform, reducing costs.

Customers can cut costs by reducing the number of communication nodes. G3 IO-Link master is optimised for sensor-rich applications with eight Class A ports per module to support multiple IO-Link smart and standard analogue sensors.

The IO-Link master can be distributed up to 30 meters away from G3. Together with the 20-meter IO-Link cable length maximum, the sensors can be located up to 50 total meters in total from the G3 Fieldbus platform. As a result, material cost is reduced, and machines are more streamlined because fewer cables are required.

Companies can integrate IIoT into their systems by connecting to the IO-Link-capable Series AV03/AV05 and 500 valve systems, Series EV12 and EV18 electropneumatic pressure regulators, Series 617 Sentronic LP and Series 614 Sentronic PLUS proportional valves, Series ECD-IV and ECD-LV intelligent compact vacuum ejectors, Series SM6-AL distance measuring sensors, Series ST4-2P magnetic proximity sensors, Series PE5 and PE7 pressure sensors, and Series AF2 flow sensors. Class B IO-Link solutions can be supported with an optional T-adapter.

The G3 is a fieldbus electronics platform for pneumatic valve systems that contains a graphical display used for configuration, commissioning, and diagnostics. The G3 IO-Link Master is configurable with the G3 web server. It allows programmable logic controllers to efficiently turn valves on and off, and to channel I/O data from sensors, lights, relays, individual valves, or other I/O devices via various industrial networks.