CEVA picks Nulogy for automotive logistics

  • January 23, 2023
  • William Payne

French logistics and supply chain company CEVA Logistics has picked UK-based Nulogy to provide its new cloud based platform for the co-packing of automotive spare parts at its Melbourne facility in Australia. The new contract expands the scope of Nulogy’s engagement with CEVA Logistics from the FMCG sector to automotive logistics.

Nulogy’s contract packing software is replacing the existing solution as CEVA Logistics meets growing growing requirements for the handling of automotive parts. By digitalising operations at the site, Nulogy will drive enhanced visibility and real-time production monitoring, as well as improve materials and inventory management for the business and its customers.

Nulogy has supported the implementation of its solution at several CEVA co-pack sites around the globe, including in the Netherlands, Poland, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. This new implementation in Australia expands the use of Nulogy from FMCG sector clients to the automotive sector.

Bart Beeks, Global Contract Logistics Leader at CEVA Logistics, said: “At CEVA Logistics, our focus is on providing our customers with a complete, agile, and efficient warehousing solution. This includes providing state-of-the-art contract packing services and our strengthened partnership with Nulogy will allow us to further digitalise our operations worldwide, especially in growth markets.”

Josephine Coombe, Managing Director, Europe, Nulogy, said: “As trusted partners in providing digitalisation across CEVA Logistics’ global co-packing network, we’re delighted to see the adoption of Nulogy in Australia. Innovators like CEVA Logistics recognise the powerful benefits that digitalisation brings to their co-packing businesses, enabling faster, higher quality and responsive service to customer needs whatever the products. As automotive customers demand collaborative and responsive partners across their supply chains, our customers enjoy significant competitive advantage in the market because of the customer service, quality and traceability benefits Nulogy delivers.”