CESMII introduces Smart Manufacturing learning

  • November 29, 2022
  • William Payne

US smart manufacturing institute CESMII has partnered with technical learning specialist Amatrol to provide a smart manufacturing learning system. This is a self-contained workstation combining hardware, industrial software, and exercises for all levels of expertise in smart manufacturing methodologies.

Partners contributing to the initiative include the OPC Foundation, Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, and Phoenix Contact.

The Smart Manufacturing Learning System (SMLS) is designed to create a portable and standardised training environment. It is aimed at entry-level smart manufacturing practitioners as well as advanced, modern OT/IT design and implementation architectures and approaches.

As part of CESMII’s workforce development initiatives, the workstations will be accompanied by optional training curriculum to connect smart manufacturing and better business practices.

“Today’s manufacturing professionals need hands-on training and exercises for implementing the latest data capture and cloud analytics solutions to digitally enable small- and medium-size manufacturers to make decisions in real-time,” said CESMII Vice President of Ecosystem & Workforce Development, Conrad Leiva. “This system accelerates the hands-on learning curve for professionals, regardless of their skills and background, teaching them to envision, develop, and sustain practical solutions using real-world, best-in-class methodologies.”

“Among other roles, this SMLS is aimed at the ‘citizen technologist’ who may not have prior knowledge of automation or IT systems,” said CESMII CEO, John Dyck. “This will enable us, together with our partners at the National MEP Network to equip the thousands of small and mid-sized manufacturing practitioners across the country, inspiring them to engage in an affordable and sustainable smart manufacturing journey.”

“Amatrol is excited to now offer a workstation that focuses on Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 capabilities,” said Amatrol President, Paul Perkins. “Partnering with CESMII is an important step in training the next generation Smart Factory and Automation technicians.”