Aruba adds Dynamic Adaption to Edge

  • September 16, 2020
  • William Payne

Hewlett-Packard subsidiary Aruba has enhanced its edge computing platform ESP to allow dynamic adaption to changing environments and user requirements. Aruba ESP is a fully programmable platform that is designed to unify IT, IoT, and OT network with zero trust security.

Aruba ESP generates contextual information, about identity, location, security posture, and applications in use, designed to support decision making and AIOps. The platform is designed to integrate with devices and applications from Aruba’s technology partners, providing customers with enhanced visibility of their operating environment, and allowing them to quickly adapt to evolving business, visitor, and employee demands.

Aruba describes these faciilties as “hyper-aware”, which can leverage Aruba ESP-generated contextual data to dynamically adapt a facility to its occupants and operating environment.

Aruba access points and switches can now serve as multi-protocol IoT/OT platforms that interface with Aruba’s expanded technology partner ecosystem.