Miku baby monitor tracks breathing and sleep

  • May 3, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Miku has introduced a smart baby monitor that tracks breathing and sleeping patterns with no physical contact.

Since its 2019 launch, Miku has been at the forefront of innovation in contact-free respiratory monitoring. The Miku Pro smart baby monitor is designed to connect parents to their little ones using its proprietary SensorFusion technology, clinically tested to track breathing and sleeping patterns with no physical contact.

The monitor enables parents to gain peace of mind and confidence as their child sleeps. It provides the data to get to know a child’s normal breathing patterns, which can be used to spot ongoing events and patterns. Knowing the baby’s or child’s normal breathing patterns, sleep cycles and nursery conditions can empower parents to make informed decisions about the child’s sleep and wellness.

“At Miku, our approach to monitoring is contact-free,” said Colt Seman, Miku CMO. “Our sensors become an extension of the parent so it’s like they’re right there. Monitoring should be easy. No wearables, no charging and no washing. This is what we call modern parenting.

Miku Pro features include:

  • SensorFusion: Proprietary technology paired with an eight-core Qualcomm processor to deliver real-time breathing, sleep analytics, 1080p HD video and alerts with no latency.
  • Grows with the child: Because the Miku Pro is contact-free, parents can make sure their little one is getting the sleep they need, even as they get older. Miku Pro can be used on children aged 0 to 12.
  • Nothing to wear: Contact-free means no wires or wearables, charging, or washing. It also means the baby can wear any article of clothing and sleep in any position.
  • Room environment: Temperature, humidity, sound and light sensors help parents set ideal conditions for the baby’s sleep.
  • Pinch-to-zoom: Get even closer to every smile, cry and giggle with the ability to zoom on the video feed. 
  • Wider field of view: See more of the surrounding nursery with 140 degrees of visibility.

“The new Miku Pro smart baby monitor uses our disruptive and innovative technology to capture respiratory and sleeping patterns with no physical contact,” said Miku CEO Eric White. “The Miku Pro also provides an analytics platform for future innovations.”

Miku has captured over 30 billion breaths and has published a 5000 hour Institutional Review Board approved clinical study.

The SensorFusion technology and corresponding data analysis offer the ability to detect nuanced changes in breathing patterns, which can indicate illness before other symptoms present. According to substantiated medical research, respiration patterns can be one of the earliest indicators of illness, prior to any observable changes in other vitals such as body temperature, oxygen saturation or heart rate.