adds messaging to Nonnatech patient monitoring

  • March 15, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Chicago messaging company is working with New York software firm Nonnatech to reimagine remote patient monitoring for seniors.

The combination of’s secure patient-centred messaging platform and Nonnatech’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology should help improve proactive care for seniors.

The partnership aims to enhance the care experience for healthcare professionals, seniors and their families across the USA.

Together, and Nonnatech offer a package for sharing relevant monitoring data with other stakeholders – primary care physicians, specialists, therapists, aids and even families – and coordinate care most efficiently. Stakeholders using Nonnatech’s RPM will have the ability to leverage’s Hipaa compliant patient-centred messaging plug-in.

Nonnatech is a scalable RPM platform, leveraging unobtrusive wireless sensors to monitor the health of patients remotely. The platform aggregates patient data, converting them into actionable information. Analytics help identify early changes in a patient’s health status and potential serious problems before they occur while also allowing clinicians to get reimbursed under RPM codes.

The plug-in is built to allow health-tech companies to focus on their core competency and leave the secure messaging expertise to It supports patient-centred collaboration among professionals across organisations with easy real-time messaging, sharing of photos, videos and documents, while using built-in algorithms to prioritise patients based on their needs. It helps breakdown communication silos so patients get the timely care they deserve.

“This partnership is an example of how innovative companies can work together and provide more value to healthcare organisations,” said Asif Khan, CEO of “It’s like one plus one equals five.”

Gary German, CEO of Nonnatech, added: “With this partnership, clinicians across different organisations can communicate with each other in the context of a patient they are monitoring remotely. Nonnatech’s RPM with improves connectivity, provider efficiency and quality outcomes.”’s mobile and web apps allow for easy messaging among teams within an organisation, with outside organisations, and with patients and families via a separate messaging mode, all in the context of a given patient. No IT staff are required, it launches in minutes, and provides deep care coordination analytics.

Nonnatech uses predictive analytics, specialised monitoring capabilities and alerts to track patients and reduce hospitalisations. It provides clinicians with real-time actionable information for continuous monitoring of patients.