Glooko acquires DiabNext to improve diabetes care

  • March 28, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Glooko, a Californian provider of remote patient monitoring and data management for diabetes and related chronic conditions, has acquired French firm DiabNext.

DiabNext’s digital health platform helps people with diabetes better manage their conditions and connects to their healthcare providers, so they can work together to improve health outcomes.

DiabNext’s mobile app complements Glooko’s products and tracks diabetes data so physicians can collaborate with their patients to monitor individual patient data and provide remote care. DiabNext already has a strong presence in France and, under the Glooko product umbrella, hopes to increase the number of patients and healthcare providers in the territory and expand remote patient monitoring offerings.

“We are very pleased to welcome the DiabNext team to Glooko and especially excited to add their well-regarded product to Glooko’s portfolio, along with their expertise in the diabetes community in France,” said Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko. “The addition of DiabNext expands our offerings with a unique platform that can help us better customise the patient experience and improve health outcomes for people with diabetes. Glooko’s acquisition of DiabNext further cements our commitment to increase our global presence and continue to drive innovations.”

The DiabNext team has joined the Glooko team in the company’s Paris office and will offer both platforms to the French market. Glooko’s goal is to serve more patients with diabetes as well as related chronic conditions. The former CEO of DiabNext, Laurent Nicolas, is the managing director and will lead the efforts in France.

“The DiabNext team is excited to be part of Glooko,” said Nicolas. “We appreciate the value Glooko places on the products developed for the unique needs of the French market. Not only will this allow us to continue to serve the diabetes community but, with Glooko’s resources and capabilities in device integration, we can now offer more tools to help healthcare professionals provide better care across diabetes-related chronic conditions for the patients they serve.”

All existing patients, hospitals and clinics using the DiabNext product will continue to be supported on the platform. Glooko is working to expand the adoption of the French Ministry of Health’s ETapes programme, which was designed to support digital health innovations.

This should come as welcome news to French healthcare professionals that are familiar with DiabNext and its in-depth understanding of physician and patient needs.

“DiabNext makes a unique and essential contribution to the management of diabetes,” said diabetologist Charles Thivolet, director of the Diab e-Care centre. “With its remote monitoring already in place at the Hospices Civils de Lyon, DiabNext allows us to improve the healthcare pathway for our patients as well as personalise patient follow-up. Together with Diab e-Care, DiabNext is at the forefront of remote patient monitoring in France, supporting the French initiative to provide innovative technologies in the health sector.”

The DiabNext platform will be marketed under the name Glooko XT.

Glooko’s platform is compatible with over 95% of global diabetes and health monitoring devices, giving patients and their providers flexibility in how to manage their conditions. With over 35 billion data points, Glooko claims to be the global leader in diabetes patient data. More than three million users have already benefited from Glooko’s technology in 31 countries across 22 languages.

DiabNext was founded with the vision of developing innovations that help people with diabetes better manage their chronic condition and improve their care and quality of life.