Cardinal, Palantir to integrate clinical supply chain

  • January 30, 2023
  • William Payne

Cardinal Health has partnered Palantir Technologies to provide dynamic purchasing analytics for health systems and hospitals. The new platform will combine and analyse datasets for live purchasing decision support of pharmaceuticals.

The Cardinal Health solution, which will be integrated into Foundry, Palantir’s industry-leading operating system, will deploy AI and machine learning to integrate diagnosis and clinical data with real-time customer purchasing and consumption data for pharmaceutical products. Future iterations of the tool are expected to help inform purchasing decisions for therapeutic utilisation, reimbursement insights and predictive drug inventory needs.

The solution is designed to address the need for hospitals to balance increases in drug expenses due to the growth of specialty therapies and biosimilars and the challenge health systems have in right-sizing pharmacy inventory together with constantly evolving payer formulary updates. Cardinal Health’s data-driven solution is planned to mitigate some of these challenges by analysing real-time clinical and purchasing data to effectively create a clinically-integrated supply chain for pharmaceuticals.

“We are taking a proactive role in pharmaceutical decision support to provide support to our customers as they continue to manage rising drug expenses, supply chain volatility and continued drug shortages,” said Peter J. Siavelis, senior vice president and general manager of Health System and Provider Distribution & Services at Cardinal Health. “By utilising Palantir’s platform, we are working to reshape the pharmaceutical supply chain with innovative processes, products and solutions to improve access to critical medications and streamline pharmacy inventory management.” 

“Our partnership with Cardinal Health further shows our commitment to improve patient outcomes across the full healthcare value chain and Palantir’s ability to create resilience within the complex challenges of supply chain uncertainty,” said Palantir chief operating officer Shyam Sankar.  “We’re excited to work with Cardinal Health to achieve their mission-critical objective of expanding access to the medications patients need, by utilising the software built to handle the toughest problems.”