Industrial: Manufacturing/Fabrication

Case Study: Project Canary

Natural gas leaks at oil and gas production sites result in millions of dollars in fines for oil and gas companies as well as lost revenue and damage to the environment. The challenge is that methane, the primary constituent in natural gas, is lighter than air, odorless, and invisible. There are few options for effectively monitoring leaks.

Improve efficiency and throughput with seamless connectivity for intelligent exoskeletons

Introducing the intelligent power suit from German Bionic, underpinned by global BICS IoT connectivity. By combining human intelligence with machine power, the suit, worn on the body like a backpack, supports and enhances the wearer’s movements, reducing the risk of accidents and excessive strain. Embedded sensors and built-in IoT connectivity enable ongoing improvement and integration with smart factory systems.

Chemistry that builds our world–powered by data insights at the edge – Texmark Chemicals and HPE

Read this case study on how Texmark Chemicals built a refinery of the future. To leverage advanced Industrial IoT capabilities, the toll manufacturer worked with HPE, Aruba, CB Technologies, and partners, bringing IT and operations together.

The Importance of Location Data for Enterprise Operations

A recent study of the importance of real time location data for different types of enterprises (Location Intelligence Market Study, January 2019) shows that, among other findings in other sectors, 70% of telecommunications companies consider location intelligence to be critical to their success. Of all the enterprises in the study, representing a broad range of different business sectors and applications for which the data is used, an average of 66% ranked location intelligence as either critical or very important to their ongoing revenue growth strategies. Less than 5% considered it unimportant.