Building/Construction: Security

Increased Employee Safety – Smart Factory Solution

In a typical manufacturing/supplying product company, both management and working teams face many challenges, ranging from employee safety or security of the equipment, to minimizing the time spent on optimal use of storage space. An important aspect is also the efficiency of work, as well as the possibility of reducing the negative effects of a potential incident on the company’s premises.

Protecting Hotel Staff with Indoor Location – Panic Button Solution

Hotel employees are exposed to dangerous situations. In some US states, a law has been introduced that imposes the implementation of technical solutions that allow for locating an employee quickly in case of an emergency. The idea is to introduce ‘panic buttons’ carried by hotel staff. When the safety button is pushed, a system enables real-time location of the person in danger.

CREATING INTELLIGENT SPACES: Five strategies to accelerate smart building transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming the world, delivering connectivity and new experiences in our daily lives. In addition to changing everyday experiences, IoT also provides organizations with innovative ways to gain and apply data-driven insight. This digital feedback loop is fueling a new wave of improvements to operations, products, and experiences. As the benefits of IoT become more apparent, forward-thinking leaders are turning their attention to the spaces we inhabit. In offices, hospitals, schools, factories, and retail spaces around the world, building owners and their tenants are looking to increase energy efficiency, optimize space utilization, and improve productivity through IoT initiatives. Already, nearly 50% of developers, owners, and occupants believe that a smart building strategy will become a competitive differentiator in the commercial real estate market.1 And as smart buildings and spaces become more ubiquitous and interconnected, they pave the way for entire communities and smart cities built on a foundation of IoT-enabled insights.

Volansys selects Quectel LTE modules to enable gateway connectivity for remote attendance system

When Volansys needed to develop a remote attendance management solution for a customer, it deployed its Centauri 200 IoT Gateway alongside the IoTify cloud platform and the customer’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors to detect presence and attendance. The final piece was to enable LTE connectivity back from the IoT gateways to the IoTify cloud for analysis.

Schauenburg Systems selects Quectel SC20-E for improved mine health and safety

We’ve all heard the stories of miners taking canaries in cages down into mines to act as an early warning system for dangerous gases, such as methane. The old system relied on seeing if a canary fainted to raise the alarm, providing a small window of time in which the miners could return to the surface and breathe fresh air. Thankfully, technology has moved on a lot and the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling a new range of connected sensors that can detect not only gases but also many other hazards that are found in mines.