Energy/Utilities: Meter Manufacturer

How wireless connectivity adds value to EV charging points

The installed base of charging points is set to hit 22.8 million in 2025 according to estimates from research firm Berg Insight, which sees the market in Europe and North America dominated by private charging points. Uptake of electric vehicles is driving trend and the firm expects approximately 1.8 million units to shipped in North America and Europe in 2025, subject to further supply chain delays caused by new variants of Covid-19.

Intelligent Manufacturing made easy with Microsoft Azure

Digital transformation in manufacturing requires companies to fundamentally alter their business model and operations. This whitepaper provides hands-on guidance on how manufacturers can implement cloud-native industrial solutions on Microsoft Azure. The approach is based on the adoptions of open standards to innovate and connect the dots between manufacturers’ partners’ systems and their own—within the well-proven requirements of the ISA-95 environment.

IoT Signals: a comprehensive IoT research study

Microsoft created the IoT Signals series of reports to give the industry a holistic view of the IoT ecosystem providing insight into adoption rates as well as benefits and challenges. The goal of these reports is to better serve our partners and customers, as well as help business leaders develop their own IoT strategies, and to provide the most up to date research on IoT use across countries and industries.

Quantum impact: Energy and utilities

With a multi-directional smart grid, it will become increasingly important to manage load balancing in local nodes to avoid energy loss from sending power generated at the edge of the grid back to the high-level grid. This use case is a prime area of focus for quantum optimization: How can we efficiently determine the best schedule for resources and run these computations at a timescale that’s most relevant to the problem? And longer term, how can we actually control those resources in a coordinated fashion, being responsive to variability in both demand and supply within the power grid?

Taking Control of the Future Electric Grid Today

Through the family of power regulation products, Gridco Systems sets the
foundation for greater visibility and control of power out to the low voltage
(LV) edge of the grid. The company’s mission is to help distribution utilities
solve problems close to end customer facilitating systemic benefits that
include meeting aggressive renewable portfolio standards, increasing energy efficiency, reducing peak demand and improving overall power quality.