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Meeting the Wide Range of Requirements of a Control Systems Manufacturer

Manufacturing is one of the most complex and globalized industries in the world. Critical components, such as control systems, must be designed and delivered in a coordinated way to complete the final product on time and to fulfill the required high-quality standards.

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Manufacturing With 5G and IIoT

Digital technologies underpinning the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have ushered in an era of smart factories, hyper-efficiency and limitless productivity. Already, manufacturers face the pressure of fulfilling customer requirements more rapidly and with a higher degree of flexibility and customization than ever before, but traditional manufacturing models lack the agility and intelligence to meet these demands.

Intelligent Manufacturing made easy with Microsoft Azure

Digital transformation in manufacturing requires companies to fundamentally alter their business model and operations. This whitepaper provides hands-on guidance on how manufacturers can implement cloud-native industrial solutions on Microsoft Azure. The approach is based on the adoptions of open standards to innovate and connect the dots between manufacturers’ partners’ systems and their own—within the well-proven requirements of the ISA-95 environment.

IoT Signals: a comprehensive IoT research study

Microsoft created the IoT Signals series of reports to give the industry a holistic view of the IoT ecosystem providing insight into adoption rates as well as benefits and challenges. The goal of these reports is to better serve our partners and customers, as well as help business leaders develop their own IoT strategies, and to provide the most up to date research on IoT use across countries and industries.

5G is finally in use across the IoT – should your business make the switch?

Quectel’s latest white paper examines some of 5G’s first enterprise use cases in IoT, across six key verticals  – agriculture, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, media and smart cities – and explores some of the advantages and challenges 5G poses for each. If your organisation is considering a move into 5G for IoT, download your free copy now to discover how these industry pioneers have overcome barriers to adoption to be among the first to draw on 5G’s extraordinary potential.

DZNE German research institute tests Memory-Driven Computing to fight global time bomb of neurodegenerative diseases

As world populations age, the human and economic toll of currently incurable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s grows staggering. DZNE fights these diseases using Big Data analytics, but the limitations of traditional computer systems have been a major bottleneck. Seeking a breakthrough solution, DZNE discovered HPE’s Memory Driven Computing—and saw unprecedented computational speed improvements that hold new promise in the race against Alzheimer’s.

Supply Chain Monitoring: Internet of Things Solution

The goal of this business case is to explain the Supply Chain Monitoring solution that enables the interaction of different IoT technologies to manage, monitor and control the whole delivery process of goods. Starting with the journey from the farm, through all the delivery routes, warehouses and shops onto the customer’s fork. Cold chain monitoring is one of the specific Supply Chain Monitoring business cases provided thanks to Coiote IoT Data Orchestration.

Case Study: Labs at the University of California SF

Prior to integrating technology, the university lab staff manually checked temperatures, UPS alarms and switched liquid nitrogen tanks when they were running low. Dr. David Agard wanted a fully automated maintenance process and a system that would alert the staff when problems occurred or tanks were low. Dr. Agard connected Particle sensors to a few different IoT platforms but Losant’s capabilities won him over due to the ability to customize dashboards and trigger text and email alerts. Using the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform, Agard successfully configured a condition-based maintenance solution to monitor and protect the valuable equipment in the lab.

IoT Empowers People with Chronic Diseases to Achieve Quality of Life

Livongo is an early adopter of innovative technologies, delivering best-in-class digital health solutions. The company provides its customers with next-generation products and services that leverage leading-edge medical research, technologies, and systems.