Energy Utilities: Pipeline/Refinery Management

Aeris Provides Reliable Connectivity for Remote Monitoring of Solar Water Pumps

LORENTZ, the market leader in solar-powered water pumping solutions, required a reliable cellular network partner that could provide an IoT solution with end-to-end oversight and realtime access to data for customers around the globe. By utilizing Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network, LORENTZ customers can remotely view the status of their water pumps in real time, make changes to settings, and receive alerts, regardless of device location. For agriculture customers located in extreme environments, LORENTZ solar pumps offer solutions to the challenges of improving production and sustainability while minimizing costs.

Quantum impact: Energy and utilities

With a multi-directional smart grid, it will become increasingly important to manage load balancing in local nodes to avoid energy loss from sending power generated at the edge of the grid back to the high-level grid. This use case is a prime area of focus for quantum optimization: How can we efficiently determine the best schedule for resources and run these computations at a timescale that’s most relevant to the problem? And longer term, how can we actually control those resources in a coordinated fashion, being responsive to variability in both demand and supply within the power grid?

Furukawa chooses Quectel LTE and NB-IoT modules for agribusiness and utilities customers in Brazil

Furukawa Electric LatAm, part of one of Japan’s largest industrial groups, has selected Quectel Wireless Solutions to provide IoT modules that enable stable, secure, long-range connectivity for devices in the utilities and agribusiness markets in Brazil. The company chose Quectel’s EC25-AU LTE and BG96 Mini PCIe Cat-M1 communication modems to enable radio access technology (RAT) functionality for Furukawa’s solution access terminals.

Case Study: Project Canary

Natural gas leaks at oil and gas production sites result in millions of dollars in fines for oil and gas companies as well as lost revenue and damage to the environment. The challenge is that methane, the primary constituent in natural gas, is lighter than air, odorless, and invisible. There are few options for effectively monitoring leaks.

Enabling Remote Access Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry

Implementing a remote asset monitoring solution can be challenging, but for companies in the oil and gas sector, monitoring systems are an essential part of day-to-day business. An eective solution for monitoring remote assets ensures that all systems can be constantly reviewed, updated for eciency, and continuously tracked for performance. There is no room for downtime and the monitoring solution must be foolproof.

Chemistry that builds our world–powered by data insights at the edge – Texmark Chemicals and HPE

Read this case study on how Texmark Chemicals built a refinery of the future. To leverage advanced Industrial IoT capabilities, the toll manufacturer worked with HPE, Aruba, CB Technologies, and partners, bringing IT and operations together.