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Marshall Electric’s Latest Advance into Industrial IoT

When Marshall Electric, a locally owned Industrial Automation and SCADA provider in Southern Illinois, needed to convert their existing SMS-only remote monitoring stations to newer technology, they knew they needed a partner whose products could handle anything, anywhere. Marshall Electric was looking to incorporate human machine interface (HMI), IoT devices, and smartphones all on a single system that was trustworthy enough for critical applications.

United Supermarkets Improves Customer Service with Hybrid IT

HPE's hybrid IT infrastructure solution helps United Supermarkets transform its business using a mix of containers and virtualization with on-premises systems connected to the cloud to create digital solutions in this retail customer case study.

Springboard provides valuable customer behavior insights for retail destinations

Springboard is the leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and retail destinations. From pedestrian counting and demographic profiling through to sentiment and path of movement analysis throughout a destination; Springboard’s services monitor customer behavior at the finest level of detail.