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Sony Smart AV provides Connected Car features

  • May 28, 2020
  • William Payne

Sony has launched a car AV receiver with smart features, including integrations with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and WebLink in-vehicle mobile app infotainment. The XAV-AX5500 AV also features rearview camera with adjustable parking guidelinks.

The receiver has a 6.95-inch flat bezel-less display flush mounted, with capacitive touch screen.  It features a space saving installation with single din rear chassis. The terminal is designed to provide instant access to source selections and sound adjustments while minimising distractions.

Apple CarPlay integrates iPhone with the car audio’s display and controls.  Users can make phone calls, access music, send and receive messages, get directions optimised for traffic, while the driver stays focused on the road. Apple CarPlay also supports third-party navigation apps.

The Google Assistant on Android Auto provides the Sony AV with voice access and control to Android applications and functions. 

The Sony AV also integrates with WebLink Cast, a lightweight app delivery platform designed for in-vehicle use. Using an Android or iOS device connection, it can mirror a smartphone screen on the car audio display to provide infotainment.

The system also integrates a rearview camera with adjustable parking guidelines. Shifting the vehicle’s transmission lever to the reverse position will activate the rearview camera automatically. It can also be activated by tapping a Rear Camera icon on the home screen.

“Legacy car owners can give new life to their driving experience with Sony’s newest AV car receiver,” said Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer, Sony Electronics North America. “The AX5500 offers powerful sound, a sleek and responsive touchscreen, and seamless integration with users’ smart devices to give then crisp, high-quality audio wherever they go.”