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DTiQ checks how many people are in shops and restaurants

  • June 23, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Massachusetts-based intelligent video-based surveillance and data analytics company DTiQ has introduced a product that manages occupancy levels in shops and restaurants.
It alerts customers and employees when occupancy levels meet a certain threshold. These alerts can be automated for the businesses and employees, and alert customers on site through various types of digital messaging.
“We have brought a number of recent innovations to market to address immediate needs of today’s operators, many in response to Covid-19,” said Joe Mignone, chief customer officer at DTiQ. “Having a live occupancy solution is just another way our platform reduces costs for operators.”
No dedicated employees are required at the door, and the technology works in real time, analysing video footage at intervals to ensure compliance with local codes.
It uses the server to capture static images from existing cameras at pre-defined intervals. These are sent to the cloud to analyse how many people are in the images. Once it has the total, it compares this against the pre-defined maximum and gives a percentage range of fullness. This can be displayed on an external panel by the doors or inside the restaurant, and additionally in MyDTT or 360iQ applications.
The system can measure the volume of people every two, five or ten minutes. The smart algorithm looks for outlines of heads. Thanks to a method that uses static pictures, it doesn’t matter if the person is standing, sitting, running or eating.
The product is part of the DTiQ Video Analytics architecture. It measures occupancy and speed of service and is being advanced to measure operations in restaurants and stores in real time. Areas such as cleanliness, merchandising and operational items are measured with real-time artificial intelligence.
“Measuring occupancy is critical right now to owners and operators that must comply with Covid-19 and distancing restrictions but will continue to add tremendous value even beyond the pandemic,” said Mignone. “Our solution brings visibility to peak traffic times, team member behaviour by zone in restaurants, and more that will allow managers to make smarter staffing decisions that will maximise sales.”
DTiQ improves how restaurants, convenience stores and retail locations are managed. It provides intelligent video-based surveillance and loss prevention services, combining surveillance equipment with cloud-based analytics and managed services.
The company has been in business for over 20 years, enhancing more than eight million consumer experiences daily, while protecting trillions of dollars of assets. It has over 45,000 customers including Adidas, Burger King, Charming Charlie, Dairy Queen, Golf Town, Hard Rock Café, KFC, McDonald’s, Pandora, Subway, Swarovski, Taco Bell, US Polo, Vineyard Vines and Yankee Candle.