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Detechtion updates IIoT Asset platform

  • July 29, 2020
  • William Payne

Oil & gas upstream IIoT specialist Detechtion Technologies has launched a new version of its Enalysis asset performance management software. Enalysis 5.0 is built on a new platform that to improve scalability, application development, time to market for new features, and integration with smartphone and mobile device front-ends.

The new version includes a completely re-designed user experience to improve usability and navigation; enhanced compressor summary pages with visual queues, such as spark lines, leading to better and faster analysis of compressor performance; a re-envisioned search feature to quickly locate and move between units, enabling easier management of large compressor fleets; improved mobile responsiveness to support increased customer use in the field; and improvements to trending and key workflows.

According to Detechtion, Version 5.0 brings predictive maintenance opportunities to the forefront, allowing maintenance teams to identify issues earlier, it highlights fuel and electrical saving opportunities, and uncovers opportunities to increase overall throughput and revenue. 

The company describes early testing by Enalysis customers as being ‘overwhelmingly positive, confirming the huge leap forward in usability and value’.

“For performance management of compressor fleets, Detechtion will continue to progress our standing in the market,” said Eric Neason, Senior Vice President of Product & Services. “Enalysis Version 5.0 serves as a milestone to Detechtion’s continued commitment of delivering value for our customers, highlighting investment back into its products and services, and ensuring long-term sustainability.”

“Our mission is to create value by bringing asset and fleet optimisation to natural gas compressors operating in remote and hazardous environments,” said Neason, “and the launch of Enalysis Version 5.0 as a new software platform expands that value by bringing to market a software that truly understands the needs of its users and market.”