SYCN adds AI to car transportation

  • February 26, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Florida-based logistics company SYCN Auto is using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise aspects of auto logistics operations, including quoting, booking, tracking and post-delivery functions, all in real time.

The AI technology suite can provide seamless integration to an existing platform or be used standalone.

The approach harnesses data to enhance logistics processes and ensure round-the-clock reliability. It streamlines service delivery by reducing manual interventions, and achieves operational efficiency through automation.

Real-time transparency is provided with guaranteed pricing and real-time tracking, and it offers efficient autonomous logistics management, reducing the need for manual oversight. Machine learning is used to address logistical problems preemptively. All this is said to lead to significant cost savings through operational efficiencies.

Backed by years of experience in logistics and having facilitated the movement of hundreds of thousands of vehicles, SYCN (Ship Your Car Now) integrates software and GPS tracking to ensure success for all stakeholders in the automotive transport journey.

“While others simply offer technology, we deliver a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines operations but also alleviates the burden from our clients’ shoulders,” said John Robertson, CRO of SYCN Auto Logistics. “With more than 15 years of auto transport expertise backing our platform, we don’t just simply provide AI tools, we have a team of experienced professionals to support the entire process. Our commitment to exceptional service means we tackle challenges and exceptions proactively, sparing our customers the hassle of resolving issues themselves. At SYCN, We don’t just provide the technology, we provide the shipping.”

SYCN Auto Logistics ( is a full-service auto transport management company offering technology and transportation services for vehicles domestically and internationally. Its technology allows instant quoting, booking, tracking of orders and data reporting. It provides a consultative and analytical approach to the auto logistics environment.