Why IoT needs single-source, global connectivity-enabled modules

  • March 29, 2022
  • imc

IoT organizations long have been looking to consolidate the number of vendors that are involved in their deployments. Dealing with a large number of vendors for components, devices, antennas, connectivity and software – and ensuring each can integrate with adjacent functions effectively takes time – costs money and comes with a significant administration burden. While this may have been acceptable in the early phases of IoT, it isn’t any more, as volumes increase and hyperscale IoT means streamlining of all processes is vital.

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Quectel’s Connectivity-as-a-Service

Quectel’s Connectivity-as-a-Service has been established to support IoT organizations to access the connectivity they need to operate their devices effectively. In addition to providing the fundamental requirements of reliable, robust and secure connectivity, the new provider will draw on Quectel’s expertise in IoT modules and antennas to package together module, antenna and connectivity. This will accelerate procurement, simplify the business relationship and ensure smooth operation of pre-integrated components and services.

The beauty of adding connectivity to the already-comprehensive Quectel portfolio is that it makes the concept of a connectivity-enabled module that can be shipped for use anywhere in the world a reality. Customers can simply add connectivity to their module and antenna purchases and be confident that they will access world class connectivity for the life of their IoT device. With embedded and integrated SIM (eSIM and iSIM) entering mainstream adoption, it makes even stronger sense for Quectel to offer connectivity services because it will be able to deliver connectivity-enabled modules. This further simplifies customer deployments which previously would have needed to have a local-market traditional SIM card installed. With an eSIM or iSIM enabled module plus Quectel connectivity, the module, once powered up, will attach to the best available network.

Global rollout

Following its launch to customers in EMEA from which it will provide global connectivity, Quectel will launch connectivity services to Asia-Pacific and Latin America customers later in 2022. Quectel connectivity is available now in more than 190 countries via over 500 network operators, and currently provides 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and Cat-M connections. The service is available to the whole market and will particularly benefit deployments that can realize accelerated time-to-market and optimized business efficiencies from using a single supplier for module, antenna and connectivity.

Quectel is well-known for providing modules and antennas and has been providing connectivity-related services for several years. Its QuecConnectivity platform, for example, already manages more than 30 million SIMs in Asia. Each customer will receive a dedicated account manager who will provide a single point of entry into all Quectel offerings and innovative business models that encompass connectivity, modules and antennas are set to emerge in response to customers’ needs.

Quectel Connectivity will also be flexible in its approach, moving away from the rigid constraints and penalties that other connectivity providers are tied to. Quectel will ensure customers’ budgetary and investment requirements are met and resources are not under- or over-utilized. Turning the concept of a globally-connected module from a single source into a reality will radically accelerate and simplify IoT solution roll-outs and position customers for rapid and flexible device deployments.

For more information on Quectel’s Connectivity-as-a-Service, please visit: https://www.quectel.com/connectivity