Smart Building

Will Matter be all that matters?

Matter has arrived and is looking good. Steve Rogerson finds out how good. If there has been one constant during my many years reporting on the technology industry, it [...]

Every internet of things she does is magic

Steve Rogerson talks with a man who is trying to put some magic into IoT and smart homes. How cool would it be to wave a magic wand to [...]

Why Wi-Fi 6 and cellular connectivity are powering new use cases for a hyper-connected future

Wi-Fi 6 is maturing into a new role that is complementary to LTE-M and 5G connectivity, according to a new whitepaper from Quectel Wireless Solutions. The new paper, titled [...]

Types of satellite networks making IoT solutions a reality

The most basic requirement of any IoT project is that all devices are connected, wherever they are located. While Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and terrestrial GSM networks are able to support [...]

Does Matter matter?

Steve Rogerson asks if Matter really will be the catalyst for a new era of smart-home devices. I am one of those people who is still surprised when technology [...]

Bringing back the wow factor

Steve Rogerson looks forward to CES in Las Vegas in January. A lot has happened in the past two years, but we haven’t been able to enjoy the wow [...]

Am I coming down with smart building envy?

Steve Rogerson visited this month’s Smart Buildings Show in London I have a confession to make. Despite writing about this technology all the time, I do not live in [...]

Why your body is like a smart building

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson found some unusual comparisons at this week’s IMC IoT in Smart Buildings online conference. What do you think about when you see a building? [...]

LoRa Devices: Bringing Flexible IoT Solutions for Smarter Homes and Buildings

The market for smart homes and buildings is forecast to reach yearly revenues of up to $36 billion in the U.S. alone by 2022. The Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions [...]