Smart Cities

Turning Taipei into a smart city

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson looks at some of the companies developing smart city technologies in Taiwan. You cannot have a smart city without smart transportation. That simple fact [...]

Building Tomorrow’s City Today with LoRa® Devices and the LoRaWAN® Protocol

The world’s population is increasingly moving to cities, which has kicked off a quest to use smart city technologies to build sustainable infrastructure and provide greater efficiency. Smart city [...]

We need vision to walk the road to future smart cities

Maybe it is time to cut through the hype about smart cities and look at what the technologies being developed can actually do and achieve. But, for that to [...]

Smartening London’s financial district, bit by bit

I must admit, I found watching a guy standing in the middle of the street in the City of London using a mobile phone to dim and brighten the [...]

Joined-up cities need joined-up thinking

Smart cities are complex beasts, as conglomerates all over the world are beginning to realise. Even relatively simple route planning or sensors warning when public waste bins need emptying [...]