Connected Healthcare

Nothing I can say, a digital twin of the heart

Steve Rogerson looks how IoT technology is making a difference in treating cardiovascular disease. Two of my sporting passions came to mind this week and both with IoT connections [...]

Healthcare is getting well soon

As the world slowly starts to return to normal, Steve Rogerson looks at the predictions for the future of technology in healthcare. To say the last year and a [...]

What do wearables, Facebook and Formula One have in common?

Steve Rogerson looks at a small wearable technology company’s battle with Facebook and his own experience of wearable technology at the British Grand Prix. Facebook and other social media [...]

How the pandemic is driving IoT solutions for healthcare

One year has passed, since Covid-19 put the world in its stranglehold. One year since remote working, remote learning and even remote meeting have become “the new normal”. If [...]

Why IoT is Key To Connected Health Solutions

Connected health had a big year in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of “forced innovation,” driven, in large part, by changes in consumer behavior as a [...]

Does it really matter if medical data are secure?

Panellists at this week’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) discussed security in healthcare. IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson reports. Why would anyone want to hack into someone else’s health [...]

Till we meet and greet again

Steve Rogerson looks forward to the IoT M2M Council’s online conference at January’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show. As the dreaded 2020 comes to an end, my mind cannot help [...]

Knowing where you are with GNSS

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson talks with Bernd Heidtmann, product manager at U-Blox, about using GNSS for wearables and asset trackers. Until recently, GNSS was often not considered for [...]

You are what you wear

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson talks with Andrew Baker from Maxim about trends in wearable health devices. From smart watches to step counters on our mobile phones, many of [...]

How a pandemic focuses the mind

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson reflects on this week’s IMC IoT in Healthcare online conference. While for years the healthcare industry has been moving towards remote care, that drift [...]

Bingo! How IoT firms can join the Covid-19 fight

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson reports from this week’s IMC Industrial IoT Online Summit on how the industry can help during this global crisis. Not that long ago, words [...]