IoT Solutions Conference Track @ CES 2023

Date January 5, 2023 - January 7, 2023

Event Detail

The IMC will host two panel discussion focusing on IoT Technology for CES’s prestigious conference.

Panel 1: Satellites Provide New Options for Consumer Devices

LVCC North, Thursday, January 5th – 2:00-2:40PM

Moderator: Sara Brown, VP of Marketing and Chief Brand Maker, James Brehm & Associates

  • Lilac Muller, VP Prod Mgmt, Kymeta
  • Tushar Sachdev, EVP & CTO, KORE
  • Rick Somerton, President & CEO, eSAT Global

The main benefit of satellite connectivity has been ubiquitous coverage outside of cellular networks – including in maritime and deep-rural environments – but costs associated with satellite communications have been prohibitive for most consumer applications until recently. Today, low earth orbit (LEO) satellites have cut the costs of satellite connectivity by more than half and it’s likely these costs will continue to drop. At the same time, innovations in device hardware are making it possible to seamlessly switch between satellite and terrestrial connectivity. This panel will investigate what’s happening now with satellite connectivity services and how that’s likely to impact consumer devices moving forward.

Panel 2: How Low Power IoT Can Help Save the Planet

LVCC West, Saturday, January 7th – 2:00-2:40PM

Moderator: Benson Chan, COO, Strategy of Things & Chair, IoT Advisory Board, US Dept of Commerce


  • Natasha Barrios, Vice President, IoT Sales, North America, Quectel Wireless Solutions
  • Mobeen Khan, COO, Blues Wireless
  • Ivo Rook, COO, 1NCE

Climate disasters, breaking infrastructure, stressed supply-chains and low food productivity are certainly issues in the public foreground, but there’s hope. Sensorization, or “Mass IoT” – widespread deployment of communicating sensors – can help predict and speed response to many of these problems. Connectivity like narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) and low-power wide area networks (LP-WAN), as well as messaging protocols like lightweight M2M (LW-M2M), not only cut the costs of transmitting data but offer low-cost hardware options and extend the life of batteries and other components. This panel will discuss how new technologies are driving down the cost of communicating devices.

Subject to change. More details available soon.