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Tata connects JLR with global digital architecture

Tata Communications is connecting 128 global sites belonging to British car maker Jaguar [...]

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Eseye and Vodafone top connectivity championship

Eseye and Vodafone are among the champion connectivity vendors, with Pod Group and [...]

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Tata gets green light for Kaleyra takeover

Stockholders of New York communication company Kaleyra have agreed to its proposed takeover [...]

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Tata launches 5G roaming laboratory

Tata Communications has launched a global, cloud-based 5G roaming laboratory so mobile network [...]

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Tata combines multiple clouds

Tata Communications is helping enterprises integrate multiple clouds instantly, seamlessly and flexibly with [...]

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Tata speeds access to data for Jaguar Formula E racing

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is accelerating access to critical data for Jaguar’s Formula [...]

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Tata buys Kaleyra for $100m

Tata Communications has acquired Kaleyra for $100m to empower global enterprises to offer [...]

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Tata, IBasis, Pod and 1NCE land Juniper awards

Tata Communications, IBasis, Pod Group and 1NCE are among the winners in this [...]

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