Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

RFP Tutorial: Sourcing IoT Software for Connected Devices


For those in the process of evaluating software that will manage remote connected devices in the field, this tutorial is designed to provide you with the right questions to ask vendors of IoT software platforms. The tutorial (and incumbent documentation) will be provided at absolutely no cost for qualified attendees. The presentation will cover a template RFP document developed in an open-source process by the IoT M2M Council (IMC), with input from more than 100 software buyers (like you!) and some of the most influential software vendors in the IoT sector. Topics covered will include basic platform functionalities, including...

  • Device Mgmt

  • Connectivity Mgmt

  • Applications Development

  • Life Cycle Mgmt

  • Data Mgmt

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Visualization

  • Security Provisioning

Qualified attendees will be provided with a gratis copy of the IMC’s 20-page RFP template document, covering more than 50 specific subjects crucial to the selection of software for connecting devices. The document can form the basis of your own RFP process for IoT software sourcing, as well as provide documentation to internal procurement and IT departments that a vetting process was provided by a credible third party. Attendees will be asked to put their questions to our panel of software providers, including HPE and Wind River, to drill down into their own specific IoT applications, as well as request independent evaluations of participating vendors. In addition to the IMC, well-known IoT analyst firm Beecham Research has conducted the vendor assessments, and will moderate the webinar tutorial.

Who Should Attend?

All managers that wish to play an active role in the sourcing of IoT solutions that control remote devices should know that software platforms are the key to deploying the technology. The platform is responsible for providing data to and from the network’s edge, managing that data while keeping it secure, and integrating it where appropriate with backbone systems for ERP, CRM, and more. We anticipate that managers with a remit for operations, IT, R&D, and even sales & marketing should play a role. Quantitative data the IMC has gathered shows that needs are similar for managers from a broad range of vertical markets, including...

  • Energy Grids

  • Asset Tracking

  • Pipeline/Refineries Mgmt

  • Facilities Mgmt

  • Smart Appliances

  • Automotive

  • Medical Device

  • Fleet Mgmt

  • Mass Transport

  • Traffic Control

  • Manufacturing/Fabrication

  • Laboratory/Pharma

  • Agribusiness/Farming

  • Security/Defense

  • Healthcare Provider