Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Samsung wifi acts as smart home hub

Steve Rogerson
June 13, 2017

South Korean company Samsung has introduced a smart wifi system to combine fast, reliable wifi coverage for every room in a home with its SmartThings smart home platform.
The Samsung Connect Home is available as a three-pack or single. Suitable for homes up to 420 square metres, the three-pack has an MSRP of $380 in the USA. A single unit is for homes up to 140 square metres and has an MSRP of $170. For homes with high bandwidth demands for gaming, streaming or home offices, a single Connect Home Pro is available at an MSRP of $250. A consumer can connect up to five Connect Home devices at once.
“Today’s smart homes have the power to deliver simple and efficient automation, but as families stream more content and buy more connected devices, it’s a struggle to get fast, reliable and extendable wifii coverage,” said Bill Lee, vice president for Samsung Electronics in America. “With Samsung Connect Home, we’re redefining the whole home network to finally offer families a simple solution that expands wifi coverage throughout the home while offering the ability to monitor, automate and control smart devices using SmartThings. All of this with just a few taps on a smartphone.”
It works as a SmartThings hub, making it compatible with hundreds of Works With SmartThings devices. With no monthly fees or subscriptions, SmartThings is said to make it easy to automate and manage a smart home, and gives flexibility to expand a smart home with lights, door locks, cameras, voice assistants, thermostats and more.
Each router has a range of 140 square metres, and users can wirelessly connect up to five Connect Home devices for mesh network coverage of 700 square metres.
It is protected by hardware-based security technologies. Automatic firmware updates provide additional safeguards to keep smart devices secure.
The system can be set up with easy-to-follow instructions using the company’s Connect app. The app will guide placement of each Connect Home device throughout a home for optimal performance. Connect simplifies smart device management with automatic connectivity, convenient device integration and easy set-up. Using Connect, users can see and manage connected devices, set parental controls, and allow guest access.
Connect Home can replace larger, antenna-laden routers with a simple, sleek and compact design that can be placed anywhere and everywhere in the home, even in plain sight.
“As we work with customers in stores and in their homes, we know how important it is to have fast, secure and reliable whole-home wifi, especially with more smart devices now connecting to the web,” said Mary Ortizcazarin, vice president at Best Buy, which is selling the product in the USA. “Samsung’s Connect Home smart wifi system accomplishes this with strong wifi access in every corner of the home, and as a hub for the rest of your smart home.”